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The St. Croix Walls Project, Inc. mission is to initiate dynamic partnerships with property owners and artists that create groundbreaking art installations. We are guided by the heritage and culture of the island which helps direct us towards making positive long-term impacts. As visionaries, we cultivate fresh new ideas that transform the ordinary into the unexpected. We encourage artists to expand their content, creating unique landscapes that transport audiences beyond their expectations in surprising ways and support them financially in these endeavors. By using "the walls" for free and creative expression that reflects our ever-changing times, we help establish St. Croix US Virgin Islands as an art destination. 

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Transforming the ordinary into the unexpected

Glenda Smith, founder and director of the St. Croix Walls Project, is a lover of public art. She appreciates the power art has to beautify public spaces, showcase the talent of local artists, and promote St. Croix as an art destination. The vision is that outdoor art installations will draw visitors to the island, creating a positive economic impact for tourism and businesses. 

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