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The St. Croix Walls Project mission is to initiate dynamic partnerships with property owners and

artists that create groundbreaking art installations. We are guided by the heritage and culture of the island

which helps direct us towards making positive long-term impacts. As visionaries, we cultivate fresh new

ideas that transform the ordinary into the unexpected. We encourage artists to expand their content,

creating unique landscapes that transport audiences beyond their expectations in surprising ways and

support them financially in these endeavors.

Walls is a 501(c)3, DUN-S registered corporation.
Donations are tax deductible

Donations can be sent to

St. Croix Walls Project, Inc.

PO Box 5213

Kingshill, VI 00851

Sometimes questions are easy to answer.

  • Art brings us joy.

  • Arts help build bridges between cultures, and are a fundamental component of a healthy community – strengthening them socially, educationally and economically.

  • Science has proven the arts improve individual well-being. 

  • St. Croix is a melting pot of people and being part of the art community helps bring us all together.

Reach out and be a part of St. Croix Walls Project.

  • Increase the visibility of St. Croix

  • Beautify St. Croix in unique ways

  • Create ground breaking art installations

  • Mindful of heritage and culture

  • Cultivate fresh new ideas

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